The goal of Art Meets Brain is to explore the underlying neurobiology of some of the highest cognitive functions expressed by humans. These include music/motor learning and generation, emotion and acting and the manipulation of attention in performances of magic. Specifically, we will explore how one approaches the study of these high order cognitive functions in both animal and human systems using fundamental principles of scientific experimental design. The course will be enhanced by a range of guest artists and neuroscientists who will share their expertise in these fields.

The major working sessions of the semester will focus on group-based learning led by Suzuki to start to hone your skills at exploring new topic areas, analyzing them and finally designing original experiments to test specific working hypotheses. The major course objective is that students leave the course with a basic understanding of how to develop a well-designed experiment to address any brain function.

Guests artists for have included: Julie Burstein, Best-Selling Author, Journalist and Expert on Creativity; Craig D’Amico, Actor and Acting Coach; Baba Brinkman, Science Rapper, Patrick Terry, Magician; Matthew Wilson, Hospital Clown; Erika Shannon, Dancer and Dance Instructor; Jody Oberfelder, Choreographer.


Student Comments:

"I really enjoyed all of the lectures in that they all had a lot of interesting concepts in them. The guest lecturers were all very interesting and I learned a lot from each of the lectures. All were very engaging."

“Wendy is one of best professors I have had here at NYU! I am so grateful to have experienced this course. Can't remember a time that I've had this much fun while learning so much - this class is like none other. Every week was completely different. The only negative is that it's wrapping up and I can't take it again!”

“Fascinating class! I learned so much about neuroscience without ever feeling like it was a science based course. Each week was new and exciting. We learned to dance hip hop and how to write a rap song. Creating our own experiments was challenging, but the instructor helped us along throughout the process, so I felt prepared by the end of the course. This is what learning should be like in all classrooms.”

“I think this class offers an incredible and rare opportunity to link the art and sciences. All of the instructors are fabulous and bring unique and diverse perspectives to the class. Wendy also makes herself extremely available to answer question and help outside of the classroom.”

“Though it seems insincere to put the majority of my answers as 5s, I cannot praise this class enough. Wendy Suzuki is an outstanding professor who taught a terrific course. She was available to help day and night. This class was dynamic, informative, and fun! I could not recommend this course or this professor highly enough.”