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Featured Speaker at the Dandelion Project's Mental Health Conference "THRIVE".

The Dandelion Project has a single and clear mission; to make Guernsey the best place to live on earth by 2020.

This is not about working to find a single island definition of what the best place to live on earth is. There isn’t one. This is about creating a lens for every islander to look through, to see the possibility for what they can achieve for their community in the years to come.

As a community we have abundant resources. The desire is out there. The ideas are out there. The money is out there. The people and projects are out there.

The Dandelion Project is helping the community bring these resources together in new ways to unlock it’s true potential.

As part of this project we think about big seemingly impossible moonshot questions and inspire people to not only to answer them but make them happen.